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Since 2010, the artist has had an extensive production of works in stencils and visual poetry, painting on the street in several cities and states in Brazil, participating in national and international events, as well as individual and group exhibitions in spaces such as museums, galleries, libraries and several units of Sesc.

He has participated in shows in Hungary, Germany and the United States and has produced works for companies such as Linkedin, Disney/Marvel, Netflix, B3 Bolsa de Valores, Brookfield, UFC.

In 2012, she was responsible for the cover of the single “Superstar”, by singer Madonna.

In São Paulo, she has already painted two large gables, one in partnership with Greenpeace and the other with the family of artist Tarsila do Amaral, having been the curator of the Tarsila Inspira project, in which six women produced works in large buildings in the city, in a partnership between the City of São Paulo and the Em Branco Creative Hub of Visual Communication and City Hall of São Paulo.

She seeks to approach in her art the paradoxical concept of contemporary woman, revisiting women from previous times who left their mark and reached where women could not.


2021 Panel 6x17m on B3. São Paulo Stock Exchange. Curated by Art Battle.

2020 Painting/panel office Linkedin, São Paulo. Curated by She Wolf Production

2020 Curator and artist at the Conexcidade Esportiva event. Partnership Sesc Ipiranga and Mover Helipa. Invitation Renato Mundes. Community of Heliópolis, São Paulo.

2020 Wall painting and visual poetry on the facade of the Alceu de Amoroso Lima Library, São Paulo. Curated by Tikka Mezsaros and Barbara Goy.

2020 Starts the project ¨Quarentena Wall, where he makes phrases and visual poetry about the quarantine.

2020 Curator and artist of Projeto Tarsila Inspira in partnership with the family of artist Tarsila do Amaral, Embranco office and São Paulo City Hall. Sea, street art museum. Six women paint 5 buildings in the Historic Center of São Paulo.

2019 Mural painting at the Book Biennial in Rio de Janeiro, homage to Mauricio de Souza.

2018 He had his stencil by Marielle Franco painted by Malala Yousafzai in a workshop organized by Rede Nami by artist Panmela Castro in Rio de Janeiro.

2018 Painting of five walls of the new Netflix Brasil office.

2018 Invited by the Sesc Research and Training Center to take a bike ride through the streets of São Paulo with the artist Mag Magrela, showing the participants street art made by women.

2018. Participation in the Collective Exhibition Only with Female Artists, ¨Campos Estesicos¨, Galeria Doxx, Curated by Ana Luisa Lima.

2017Painting of a 60 X 5 wall with the artists Melim and Lau Guimaraes at USP

2017 Participation in the Expo “Synopse Of An Urban Memoir”- Andrew Freedman House - Bronx – New York

2016 Painting Panel “I Fight My Battles”- 7X18m  - UFC 198 

2016 Trem Painting “I got off the rails...I had to see the world.” Curitiba City Hall

2016 Sesc Interlagos Panel “Women in Football”

2016 “Save the Tapajós”- Painting of two 37h X 10m gables – Greenpeace Brasil

2015 Painting on the Largest Outdoor Graffiti Mural in Latin America - Avenida 23 de Maio – Haddad Project

2012 Madonna Single MDNA cover


2017 Participation in the Expo e Livro ¨Entrelinhas Urbanas¨. fib 

•2016 “If This Village Was Mine”- EcoVision Edizioni

•2015 “Graffiti Fine Art – International Graffiti Biennial – Editora Sesi _ SP

•2015 “GAU”Gallery of Urban Art – Cultural Incubator - Sesc 

•2013 “Graffiti SP” – Ricardo Czapski – Editora Ipis

•2013 “NOX”São Paulo Graffiti – Carlos Matuck, Waldemar Zaidler and Kenji Ota – Cinemateca Brasileira

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