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•Simone Sapienza SiSS was born on October 20, 1972 in São Paulo, Brazil.

•Graduated in Advertising and Marketing. Plastic artist since 1995, currently lives in Atibaia, SP.

•Street Art in hers history started from a workshop he attended as a guest of the City of Atibaia, about stencil, in 2010.

•From that meeting, Simone Sapienza turned Simone Siss, urban artist, quickly recognized for her high quality work filled with acidic touches of humor.

•Her creations are full of icons and superheroes, in very human situations and challenging the viewer and their dogmas, taking it out of their comfort zone and making them recognize the work, at the same time encourages them to get in their own interpreting of what they see. Uses the stencil and screen printing (wheat-paste) in almost all her works, on various types of media. Uses many texts by herself, combining them with images.

•Discusses in her art the paradoxical concept of the modern woman, revisiting old women who have left their mark and arrived where women could not reach.

_2021 I painted a panel on the main wall  of the trading floor, on the Sao Paulo Stock Exchange.

_2021 Started the Parede da Quarentena Project

_2020 Curator and artist at the Conexcidade Esportiva event. Partnership Sesc Ipiranga and Mover Helipa. Invitation Renato Mundes. Community of Heliópolis, Sp.

_2020 Painting of walls on the facade of the Alceu de Amoroso Lima Library, painting and visual poetry. Curated by Tikka Mezsaros and Barbara Goy.

_2020 Curator and artist of the Tarsila Inspira Project in partnership with the family of the artist Tarsila do Amaral, Embranco office and São Paulo City Hall. Sea, museum of street art. Six women paint 5 buildings in the Historic Center of São Paulo.

_ 2019 She was invited by the Atibaia City Hall to paint the Jandyra Massoni Municipal Library and House of Culture.

_ 2019 Participated in the painting of a wall with only women in Vila Madalena. Wall of Manas. Curated by Katia Lombardo.

_2019 Participated with visual poetry and licks licks of the event 100 Girls 100 Fear, women and bike. Matilha Cultural, Sp. _2019 Participated in the collective expo at The Showcase Adidas Skate Copa Classics. Curated by Mag Magrela and Ivan Shupikov.

_ 2019 Participated in the Mutirao de Pintura at Colegio Major, Atibaia, Sp.

_2019 Painted a mural at the Book Biennial in Rio de Janeiro, homage to Mauricio de Souza.

_ 2019  Participated with the mural ´Sou Mocinha, Sou Vilã¨, second edition of the event 100 Minas na Rua. Curated by Majó and Madô.

_2019 Participated in the painting task force at Unibes Pedro Vicente. Cultural Shock Curator. 2019 Event scenario ´Model is not Cabide, Vogue in the favela¨, Pim Project, Paraisópolis, Sp. 2019 Painting of a court wall at the Festival Divercidades na Ocupacao 9 de Julho.

_2019 Stencil workshop at Mover Helipa, Heliopolis community, Sp. 2019 Women Panel, side facade of La Guapa restaurant with artist Thais Gil, curated by Choque Cultural. Panel honored Elza Soares, Hebe Camargo, Marielle Franco, Marta, Ivone Lara, Maria da Penha and Roberta Close. Mural collab with super Thais Gil

_2018 Participated in the Occupation Ray Ban. Building of the Historic Center of Sp.

_2018 Painted 5 walls of the new Netflix Brasil office.

_2019 Lambes and stencil workshop with artist Mathiza at the Pussy Riot band show. Girls Rock Camp invitation.

•_2019 Painted at the Grafitasso das Minas event on the wall of the Recycling Plant, Atibaia, Sp.

_2019 Participated in the International Women's Day event at Shopping Continental, honoring the singer Elza Soares. Curated by Dingos Del Barco.

_2019 Art On The Stairs. Urban Downhill Event. Morro do Pacheco in Santos, Sp Curatorship Valerio da Luz. 2018 _Participated with painting, licking licks and phrases of the program of the presenter Mari Weickert will air on GNT, entitled “Lugar de Mulher # Sóquenão”. 2018 Painted at Graffiti Contra Enchente event in Campo Limpo, Sp.

•_2018 Participated in the painting of the mural Cariñho with the artist Lau Guimaraes at Sesc Campinas, Sp

•Participation in books:

•2017 – Participation on the bok Ëntrelinhas Urbanas”.

•2016 “Se Essa Vila Fosse Minha”- EcoVision Edizioni

•2015 “Graffiti Fine Art – Bienal Internacional de Graffiti – Editora Sesi _ SP

•2015 “GAU”Galeria de Arte Urbana – Incubadora Cultural - Sesc 

•2013 “Graffiti SP” – Ricardo Czapski –Ipis publishing house

•2013 “NOX” São Paulo Graffiti – Carlos Matuck, Waldemar Zaidler and Kenji Ota – Cinemateca Brasileira

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